How to Learn Woodworking

Woodworking mistakes are one of the best ways of learning, and should be viewed so.

 Woodworking mistakes are one of the best ways of learning, and should be viewed so. Getting upset is normal, but not productive. Better to spend a minute figuring out what went wrong, and how to fix it. It is a common occurrence in all wood shops, but fortunately it can lead you to much knowledge that otherwise may never have been learned.
        In our everyday woodworking, even as "professionals", we still screw up on a regular basis, and after cursing ourselves, we look for a solution that will be least painful from a financial as well as a time standpoint. New techniques are learned on a regular basis due to this. This doesn't mean we're happy about the mistake, but we do try to learn from them, and keep track of both the cause and solution.
        We often ask fellow workers for advice on how to handle certain situations. It's part of the learning process. Hopefully, we will never be too confident in our skills, to resist asking for new ideas, methods or help.
        Many of our woodworking tips and articles include photos and illustrations of projects being built in our shop. All come from hands on experience in woodworking. If upon reading any of the articles, you have questions, please, by all means email us. We will be happy to respond with as much detail as we can.
        We hope to teach and inspire each other to reach that next level in their woodworking projects.