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Precise Panel Saw ZD400T


Technical Data:



Dimension of   sliding table

3200x415 mm

Gross cut   capacity

3200 mm

Width of cut   between saw blade and rip fence

1250 mm

Tilting saw   group


Diameter of main   saw blade

400 mm

Max cutting   height (90°)

125 mm

Speed of main   saw spindle

3000/4000/5000   r.p.m

Main saw motor   power

5.5 kw

Main spindle   diameter

30 mm

Diameter of   scoring saw blade

120 mm

Speed of scoring   saw spindle

8000 r.p.m

Scoring saw motor   power

1.1 kw

Scoring saw   spindle diameter

22 mm

Lifting of saw   blade

Electrical   lifting

Cutting degree   readout

Digital readout


1100 KGS

Overall   dimension

3250x3150x900 mm



1.       Apply to processing all kinds of density boards, shaving boards, artificial board, ABS board, PVC board, organic glass plates and solid wood and others with wood structure and similar hardness.

2.       Moveable table guide track is chromium steel bar structure, exact and durable

3.       The sliding table is made of high strength extruded aluminum alloy, and it is high in strength and won’t bent

4.       With oxidation treatment, the sliding table surface is beautiful and durable

5.       The body is welded with heavy-duty steel and with special heat treatment, better stability and lower noise

6.       The saw blade lifting is electrical controlled with titling digital display to make the operation more precision simple

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