4x8 cnc router with tool changer, cnc router spindle, CNC Wood Engraving Machine

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CNC Router

● CNC router is high precision

● Work stable

● Long life service

● Heavy-duty body annealing aging and sandblasting treatment

● Customizable



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Product Details
CNC Router Technical Data:




Working range


Working height


Working speed


Processing speed


Drive method

Changzhou Anhao 450B stepper motor


Shenzhen Leisai 860 stepper driver

Spindle power

Changzhou Farright 3.2kw Water cooled (3.5kw Air-Cooled optional) variable frequency spindle motor *2

XY guide rail and transmission

20 square rail, XY high precision rack drive

Z-axis guide rail and transmission

20 square rail, original TBI ball screw

Operating Voltage


Supported formats

*nc,G code,*uoo,*mmg,*plt

Control system


oil lubrication

Manual oil filling

Control cabinet

Independent control cabinet

Performance characteristics

◎ Adopt gantry type structure, the guide rail support surface is stable, and the rack transmission mode, the transmission is stable, to ensure that the long-term high-speed operation does not deform and does not shake.

◎ Using linear guide, Y-axis is driven by double motors, with large load-bearing redundancy and long service life. Using double rack transmission, the operation is simpler

The design is more user-friendly.

◎ Compatible with a variety of software, compatible with various design and production software such as type3/Artcam/Castmate/Jingdiao/Wentai

Scope of application

◎ Furniture industry: cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid wood, panel, doors and windows, tables and chairs.

◎ Decoration industry: screen, wave board, large wall hanging, advertising board, logo production.

◎ Advertising industry: It can be engraved or cut on acrylic, chevron board, fron board, two-color board and other materials.

CNC Router Details:
CNC Router

Base frame, solid, heavy duty construction. The base frame is a 5 axis XNX processed steel frame that is welded, stress-relieved and precision machined.

CNC Router

Well-known brand water-cooled spindle, high speed, high torque, durable bearing and long service life. (Optional air-cooled spindle or other brand spindles like HSD)

CNC Router

Square liner rail, Taiwan HIWIN rack guide rail, high precision, fast speed, high-precision grinding rack, double-row sliding block. Work stability and durability.

CNC Router

Heavy-duty thickened steel body. Selected thickened steel, tempered, sandblasted, and quenched to prevent deformation and cracking, strengthen and thickened body make.

CNC Router

T-shaped table and vacuum table are optional. The vacuum table has strong adsorption force and can strongly adsorb materials of different sizes. High density, not easy to deform, high temperature resistance.

CNC Router

Independent control box. Standard stepper driver and motor optional servo driver and motor. Independent electrical box, save space. Support computer and DSP handle control.

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