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CNC Router

● CNC router ZD1325 has line tool magazine

● Disc tool magazine is optional

● Automatic loading and unloading are optional

● Heavy-duty body annealing aging and sandblasting treatment

● Long life service, stable and high precision

● Customizable, OEM &ODM


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Product Details
CNC Router ZD1325 Technical Data:


ZD1325 – Atc cnc router with line tool magazine

Working stroke


Running Speed


Working Speed


Device architecture

After sand blasting and stress relief annealing treatment, it is processed by CNC gantry CNC one-time forming and processing. The
structure is stable, the precision is high, and it is not deformed for a long time.

Spindle power

9kW automatic tool changer spindle HQD

Servo drive system

Three-axis 1.8kw high speed servo motor Z axis + brake

Control System

Taiwan imported Syntec/WEIHONG processing center dedicated control system

Speed reduction mechanism

Taiwan imported Wanxin reducer

Rack and pinion

German imported brand ROR 1.5M high precision grinding helical rack

Rail screw

Taiwan imported dragon horse rail + TBI screw

Positioning way

3+2 high-precision automatic positioning cylinder pedal-type one-key positioning device

Bed structure

High-precision heavy-duty side-mounted bed, processed by large-scale CNC five-face milling center

Countertop structure

Double-layer vacuum adsorption of 6 large partitions, multi-point adsorption / multi-slot design / adsorption uniform / instantaneous
adsorption / instant release

Electrical accessories

Japan imported OMRON relay, France Schneider relay alternate use

CNC Router ZD1325 Details:
CNC Router

Automatic tool calibrator.

CNC Router

Pushing device: simple and efficient, improve work efficiency.

CNC Router

9kw CC tool change spindle, suitable for efficient cutting, slotting, milling, milling and other processing of panel furniture.

CNC Router

Linear bearings, fluid & accurate: the 30mm linear bearing profile rails with stainless spring steel strip covers are standard in the X&Y&Z axis.

CNC Router

Double-layer PVC vacuum table design, Strong structure, no deformation, with instant adsorption and instant release functions.

CNC Router

Heavy-duty body welded by high-strength thick-walled steel pipes, annealing aging and sandblasting treatment, stable structure and guaranteed accuracy.

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