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Edge Banding Machine

● Edge banding machine ZD450A has 8 functions

● Edge bander power is 16.5kw

● Edge banding tape thickness is 0.4-3 mm

● Edge bander working thickness is 10-60 mm

● Customizable, OEM & ODM


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Product Details
Edge Banding Machine ZD450A Technical Data:

Working Pressure

0.6~0.8 Mpa

Total Power

16.5 Kw

Feeding Speed

12-23 m/min

Electric Lifting

0.37 Kw

Working Thickness

10-60 mm

Working Length

≧150 mm

Working Width

≧60 mm

Edge Thickness

0.4-3 mm

Overall Size

6560*900*1590 mm

Edge Banding Machine ZD450A Machine Details:
Edge Banding Machine

TAIWAN Shihlin brand PLC & touch screen control panel. 4 sizes edge type thickness options on the control panel. (This function is optional)

Edge Banding Machine

The encoder replaces the limit switch, which is more accurate and stable. There is a gap in the limit switch, the spring will be broken after some time, the encoder solves this problem very well.

Edge Banding Machine

Pre-milling Unit

Edge Banding Machine

Nonstick material glue pot, easy to clean. Board preheating part, better gluing effect.

Edge Banding Machine

Auxiliary pinch roller for narrow boards. Stable edge banding even for 4cm width panel. Strong end cutting unit makes sure the well process.

Edge Banding Machine

Corner Rounding mechanism with two high precision tracking motor to make sure high tracking speed and high trimming speed.

Edge Banding Machine ZD450A Work Effect Show:

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