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Woodworking Edge Bander

● Woodworking edge bander ZD300 has 3 functions

● Edge banding tape thickness: 0.4-3 mm

● Edge bander working thickness: 10-60 mm

● Customizable



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Product Details
Woodworking Edge Bander ZD300 Technical Data:

Banding tape thickness

0.4-3 mm

Banding tape width

10-60 mm

Work piece thickness

10-60 mm

Work piece length

>=100 mm

Heating power

0.75 KW

Feeding motor power

0.75 KW

Glue spreading power

0.37 KW

Fine trimming power

0.75 KW x 2

Polishing motor power

0.18 KW x 2

Feeding speed

13 m/min

Air pressure

0.7 Mpa

Woodworking Edge Bander ZD300 Details:
Woodworking Edge Bander

Upgraded scrapping mechanism with larger drive and large copy wheel to remove the wavy marks caused by the non-linear motion cutting process of trimming.

Woodworking Edge Bander

The polishing device adopts the board processed by cotton polishing wheel, by end polishing to make a smoother surface.

Woodworking Edge Bander

The glue pot is made of imported special ball bearing, high hardness and super wear-resistant material rubber box.

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