Woodworking Edge Banding Machine, industrial edge banding machine, commercial edge banding machine, plywood edge banding machine, edge banding trimmer machine

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Woodworking Edge Banding Machine

● Edge bander ZD500 has 5 functions

● Edge banding tape thickness: 0.4-3 mm

● Edge bander working thickness: 10-60 mm

● Customizable



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Product Details
Edge Bander ZD500 Technical Data:

Banding tape thickness

0.4-3 mm

Banding tape width

10-60 mm

Work piece thickness

10-60 mm

Work piece length

>=100 mm

Work piece width

>=50 mm

Heating power

1.5 KW

Feeding motor power

2.2 KW

Glue spreading power

0.37 KW

End trimming power

0.55 KW x 2

Fine trimming power

0.75 KW x 2

Polishing motor power

0.18 KW x 2

Feeding speed

13 m/min

Air pressure

0.7 Mpa

Total Power

6.23 KW

Overall dimension

3600x900x1500 mm

Packing size

3670x1000x1600 mm


1300 KGS


1470 KGS

Edge Bander ZD500 Details:
Woodworking Edge Banding Machine

We use large aluminum beam, very strong and work stably. The surface of our edge banding machine is milled, and the flatness is less than 0.1mm.

Woodworking Edge Banding Machine

The glue pot is made of imported special ball bearing, high hardness and super wear-resistant material rubber box.

Woodworking Edge Banding Machine

End trimming mechanism through a precise guide track movement, adopt automatic tracking and high frequency motor to ensure the cutting surface smoothly.

Woodworking Edge Banding Machine

Fine trimming adopts automatic roll forming structure and high frequency high speed motor etc. to trim and process excess edging material at the top and bottom of the sheet edge.

Woodworking Edge Banding Machine

Upgraded scrapping mechanism with larger drive and large copy wheel to remove the wavy marks caused by the non-linear motion cutting process of trimming.

Woodworking Edge Banding Machine

The polishing device adopts the board processed by cotton polishing wheel, by end polishing to make a smoother surface.

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