Sliding Table Saw , Woodworking Panel Saw

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Sliding Table Saw

● Sliding table saw ZD400T can use 400mm saw blade

● Sliding table size 3200/3800x415/435mm

● Gross weight 1100KGS

● The motor has a guide rail structure for smoother operation

● European style double layers high strength aluminum profile sliding table

● Customizable, OEM & ODM


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Product Details
Sliding Table Saw ZD400T Technical Data:

Saw blade lift


Saw blade angle tilting


Saw blade readout

Digital readout

Dimension of sliding table

3200/3800x415/435 mm

Gross cut capacity

3200/3800 mm

Width of cut between saw blade and rip fence

1250 mm

Tilting saw group


Diameter of main saw blade

400 mm

Max cutting height 90°/ 45°


Speed of main saw spindle

3000/4000/5000 r.p.m

Main saw motor power

5.5 kw

Main spindle diameter

30 mm

Diameter of scoring saw blade

120 mm

Speed of scoring saw spindle

8000 r.p.m

Scoring saw motor power

1.1 kw

Scoring saw spindle diameter

22 mm

Gross weight

1100 KGS

Overall dimension

3250x3150x900 mm

Sliding Table Saw ZD400T Details:
Sliding Table Saw

Quick and secure pressing the wood board, 0° to 45° angle adjustable.

Sliding Table Saw

Independent electric box is dustproof, which can low rate of power failure. Top quality electric parts, more sensitive and longer lifetime.

Sliding Table Saw

The cutting assembly of ZD400T was projected to assure a high quality and precise cut. With high quality 5.5kw main saw motor and 1.1kw scoring saw motor.

Sliding Table Saw

European style dust hood with control arm The saw blade protection allows the operator to visualize the panel while cutting and increases the dust extraction capacity.

Sliding Table Saw

Control panel Humanized design and easy to operate control panel. Auto lifting of the main and scoring blades Digital indicator for angles.

Sliding Table Saw

European style double layers high strength Aluminum profile sliding table can support the larger panels, with high precision.

Cutting Effect Show:

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